Time:  from 10:00 – 12:00 CEST 21 October 2020.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digital technology are driving a new phase of globalization and fostering digital tech firms to explore new opportunities for innovation and transform the supply chain. So, why Viet Nam? Is it the right time for digital tech firms to invest in Viet Nam? Please join our panelists at the Virtual Talk to explore the story of Digital Viet Nam.

Dimensions to be addressed:

- Digital Strategy

- Digital Market

- Digital Business, Make in Viet Nam


  1. Explore the national digital transformation strategy of Viet Nam, the ambition, target, solution and the progress of transformation in priority sectors
  2. Discuss on the digital market of Viet Nam, the challenges and opportunities for tech firms when investing in emerging technologies such as smart manufacturing, IoTs, AI, Big data, Block Chain, Fintech…
  3. What is Make in Viet Nam? How can foreign tech firms be involved and contribute to the growth and flourishing of the local digital business.
  4. How are the central and local governments preparing to welcome the investment of foreign tech firms?
  5. Why is it the right time for digital tech firms to invest in Viet Nam?